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Puppy Class! Quite possibly the single most important effort you may choose to make with your new puppy is attending a quality educational program.  Our program is designed to give your puppy an opportunity to interact and socialize with other dogs and people, build confidence and promote stability as they mature. Puppy class introduces a foundation of obedience behaviors to assist you in forming a cooperative, healthy bond with your new addition, as well as allowing you a environment to learn, ask questions and share experiences. Our Puppy class is not only fun…it's the beginning of creating everything you want your new dog to become! 

The class is 6 weeks in length, meeting once a week for an hour, and the cost is $160. 

Puppies must be 5 months or younger at the start of the program. If your young dog is slightly older, please contact us as there are other programs which would likely suit your needs better. 

Please contact us for further information or to enroll in class. 

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