She has been training dogs for over 25 years and training stockdogs for 19 yrs. 


Her love of dogs started out with her families first black Labrador named Lobo.  She then competed with her yellow Lab - Max in obedience.  Then along came her Australian Shepherds.  She has earned Obedience titles in UKC, AKC & ASCA up to CDX level.  She also became involved with Tracking with her Aussies Quigley & Didgeridoo.  Quigley earned a AKC TD title and Didgeridoo was certified but never was able to enter him in a Tracking Test.  These two Aussies also competed in AKC Agility in the Novice division.  They also earned a Merit Award for USASA in 24" Novice division, taking 2nd & 3rd for the year...sometime early 2000s.


Shortly after getting into agility, Jean discovered that working her dogs on livestock was much more fun.  With her Aussies Quigley & Didgeridoo she began a herding career in AKC, ASCA & AHBA.  Didgeridoo ended up with an ASCA Working Trial Championship and earning Merit Awards along the way.   


Jean's current Australian Shepherd Mumble has garnered over 70- High in Trials & Reserves, High Combines and Merit Awards.  In 2012 he was also invited to compete in  ASCA's National Finals competition.  The Top 15 dogs in Cattle, Sheep & Ducks are invited to compete at the National Show each year.  The invites come from ASCA registered Aussies from Europe, North & South America.   Mumble has also been a Reserve National Champion at USASA's National Trial.


Jean also has a few Border Collies.  Her dog Nor'easter has his AKC Herding Championship and also competes in Open classes in USBCHA sheep & cattle trials.  Nor'e also has many High In Trials and Reserves in AKC and AHBA herding competitions.

In her off time, Jean loves to run her dogs with a dog sled or cart.  Her second love would be drawing.  She is an accomplished artist working in pastels, pencils, watercolors, oils, pen and ink.  She frequently does commissioned portraits of people's pets.   
Jean's love for dogs has grown through the years and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with all.